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 Well I have come to the conclusion that I love my headcanon and no one can change that!

I went Wednesday and watched it in IMAX 3D it was good, but I went in with a head full of spoilers so yeah...I was a bit detached from most of the intensity because I spent most of the movie going: why is it Khan? when does Pike die? Tribble! It was not my intentions to be spoiled, but it happened.
All that aside I ok with it! Yes, there are a ton of things I would change, but I'm ok.

I went again yesterday and I was happier seeing it in 2D my 2nd time. My ADHD can't handle the jumbo screen very well. And yes
[livejournal.com profile] izzimalfoy we are going again.

 Any who... My feelings on the movie. I'm ok with it. To me any trek is better than no trek! I have always thought of the reboot as AU, like the Mirror universe. Its like the new movies are really big fan videos of someone's AU story. I love Karl the actors and I love this fandom. I love the amazing people in our fandom that will come up with wonderful adventures for this crew to go on. I love the life that this movie has already started to put back into this fandom.

 I will probably write a what I loved and what I hated later after I see it again.

Until then, LLAP!
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